A Little Rustic

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Triangles, diamonds and squares, Oh my! Which ever way you look at this pair of earrings you are getting all three in one pair. Made specifically for those who prefer a smaller earring.

A small square of sterling silver, with a textured triangle on one side and left smooth on the other side. Put onto hand shaped sterling silver ear wires and then finished with a patina that has turned them a dark golden colour with a tiny hint of pinks and purples when they move in the light.

*Materials: Sterling silver, Oxidized

*Measuring: 1 1/8" long x 7/16" wide.

*Oxidization is not completely permanent! The earrings will change in appearance over time, especially with daily wear. While it has received a chemical application of Liver of Sulfur as a surface treatment, it will wear off in the high areas over time causing a patina that is unique to the piece.

All Roxanne Brown Jewellery items come gift wrapped and ready for gifting.

Photography by andreanorbergphotography.com


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