A Floral Chameleon

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Pick a colour, any colour! This pendant will give them all to you.

The front is roll printed sterling silver that was then pieced to reveal the layer of yellow acrylic beneath it. The back is also roll printed with the same flower pattern as the front but this time it is a layer of copper that is also pieced to show off the yellow acrylic.

Both the front and the back were then given an oxidized finish that was partially removed to show off the detail of the flower pattern. Finally everything was put together with sterling silver rivets and bail.

The true beauty of this pendant though is in the vintage Czech glass button that is claw set on the front. The button has an Aurora Borealis finish to it that lets the colours shifts as the pendant moves around. The colours shift with shades of yellow, orange, pink, blue, green and even hints of purple at the right angles.

The pendant comes with a 24" sterling silver necklace chain.

*Materials: Sterling Silver, Copper, Vintage Czech Glass Button, Acrylic, Oxidization, 24"Sterling Silver Necklace

*Measurements: 1 5/8" wide x 3 1/2" long x 1/2" thick at the Czech cabochon

All Roxanne Brown Jewellery items come gift wrapped and ready for gifting.

*An oxidized finish is not completely permanent! The finish will change in appearance, especially with daily wear. While it is a chemical application of Liver of Sulfur as a surface treatment, it will wear off in the high areas over time causing a patina that is unique to the piece.

Photography by andreanorbergphotography.com 


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