A Family Penny Key Ring

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Find a penny, pick it up. All day long you will have good luck. Or just tuck it in your pocket with your keys.

In 2012 Canada minted it's last pennies and in 2013 they stopped issuing them. Today though you can honour this tiny little piece of currency by choosing a year that commemorates a childs birth date, an anniversary, a graduation or just any year that is special to you. 

Each key ring will come with 1 or 2 pennies on the ring and then you can order extras as needed.

Choose the year or years you want for each key ring from the following list here and place your choice in the "Special Instructions For Seller" box in your cart.

Available Years: 1937*, 1938 - 1941 -1949, 1950 - 1953, 1954*, 1955, 1956*,1957**, 1958*, 1959, 1960, 1961*, 1962 - 1969, 1970 - 1979, 1980 - 1989, 1990 - 1999, 2000 - 2012. The years with one asterisk have 1 penny available, 2** have two pennies, 3*** have three pennies. All the rest of the years have multiple pennies available. Missing years may possibly be purchased specifically for you depending on availability, there may be an extra cost for these depending on the cost to source them and availability. Please list special requests in the "Special Instructions For Seller" Box in your cart.

The finished shape of the coin is an option in the drop down box. They can be ordered flat, domed inwards or domed outwards. Be sure to make your choice in the drop down box. 

As each pendant is custom made, delivery can be 2-3 weeks. 

All Roxanne Brown Jewellery items come gift wrapped and ready for gifting.

Photography by Roxanne Brown


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