Snowy Skies

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I once lived in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, 1991 -1998. During the winter of 1995/96 there was so much snow in the Assiniboia area we were worried it would never melt.

As a Scout Leader I had developed a bluebird nesting box route along a 7.5 mile countryside route for my Beaver group to learn from and in the spring of 1996 I had to borrow a ski-doo to go out and remove the winter plugs from the bird boxes.
The boxes were mounted on the top of fence posts every quarter mile and I never had to get off of the ski-doo as the snow had leveled the ditches with the roadways and then some. Each nest box was sitting at chest height when I road up to it to pull the winter plug from the hole.  It did take a while for the snow to fully melt but the birds were back in the boxes by late May.

This lovely pair of earrings are all sterling silver with Dendritic Opals set into smooth bezel frames. The little vignettes within each stone are reminiscent of what a winter storm on the prairies looks like. Snow swirling around creating white out conditions and filling every nook and cranny level and creating drifts high enough a vehicle cannot cross.

A swirl of snow is hand stamped onto the back side of each earring in mirror image and the ear wires are soldered directly to the backing itself for a seamless earring. The earrings are finished in a high shine representing the brilliant glare the snow has when the sun finally shines at the end of the storm.

If you have ever watched a winter prairie storm from your front window before then this is the pair of earrings for you.

*Materials: Sterling Silver, Dendritic Opals

*Measuring: 1 5/8" long x 11/16" wide

All Roxanne Brown Jewellery items come gift wrapped and ready for gifting.

Photography by Roxanne Brown


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