A Mermaid Dream

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She sits on the rock outcropping sunning herself as the boat sails on by in the distance. To far away to hear her siren song but still close enough for her to dream of a different life.

This new key ring is made of two layers of brass soldered together with texture and a sweet little image of a mermaid sunning herself as the sun shines down on her.

Upon soldering the brass rings together, the copper with in the metal was raised to the surface to create the copper pink within the details.

*Materials: Brass, Steel Key Ring

*Measurements: 1 1/4" wide. The outer edge is 1/4" wide with a 3/4" opening in the middle. The key ring is also 1 1/4" wide.

Over time the brass ring will take on a patina of it's own from use and handling.

All Roxanne Brown jewellery items are gift wrapped and ready for gifting.

Photography by Roxanne Brown



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